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Некоторые картины из каталога аукциона Sotheby's

Автор - nomad1962. Это цитата этого сообщения
Некоторые картины из каталога аукциона Sotheby's


Jean Beraud - "The Square of Europe"

Henri Le Sidaner - "The Table, Harmony in Grey", 1927

Henri Le Sidaner - "The Cradle", 1905

Achille Lauge - "Vase of Roses", 1924

Alfred James Munnings - "Ascot", 1933

Claude Monet - "Landscape at Port-Villez", 1885

Edmund Charles Tarbell - "Child with Boat", 1899

Edward Cucuel - "An Outing by Boat", 1917

Edward Cucuel - "The Bathers"

Ferdinand Brutt - "At the Station"

Ferdinand du Puigaudeau - "The Bank of Loire under Clear Moon"

Frank W. Benson - "Herons and Lilies", 1934

Gaston La Touche - "Ballerinas in the Theatre - The Ballet"

Giovanni Boldini - "In the Park"

Grigory Gluckmann - "Bathers in the Forest", 1930

Grigory Gluckmann - "Model with Flaxen Hair"

Grigory Gluckmann - "Sunset"

Grigory Gluckmann - "Sylvan Fantasy"

Leo Putz - "Behind the Scenes", 1905

Marcel Dyf - "Young Woman in Pink", 1956

Maximilien Luce - "Bathers at the Bank of the Cure"

Peder Severin Kroyer - "Marie Kroyer in the Garden at Skagen", 1892

Pierre-Eugene Montezin - "The Pool with Frogs", 1908

Vladimir Pchelin - "Still Life with Teapot and Flowers"

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