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Портретная миниатюра

Автор - klassika. Это цитата этого сообщения
ПортретноМиниатюрное 18 века


 (500x102, 75Kb)

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By far my favorite of this group, "Lady Smitson" as this is labeled on the back, is wearing the fashion of the 1780's and painted with a rare amount of texture, recalling the English School style. Signed "Gram" and dated "80" on reverse, and set into an elaborate frame


Portrait of Marie Antionette with a rose, signed "A.T." gouache on ivory backed with white kid leather, in gilt wood frame.

Antique French Miniature Portrait, Marie-Antoinette Era - Miss Elizabeth, sister of King Louis XVI
Portrait of Marie Antionette in an apricot dress, unsigned watercolor on ivory. This painting is much smaller and older than its elaborate frame, which dates from the late 1870's.

Very fine and pretty portrait of a young girl, gouache on bone ivory, signed "Gericault 1812" backed with white kid leather, in its original simple brass frame.

James Nixon. Elizabeth Farren

c.1905. Signed. Lionel (Hugh) Heath. Unknown lady

c.1799. N. Freese. The Hon. Mary Ann Adams

1789. Signed and dated. Horace Hone. Unknown Lady

Dubourg (also known as Augustin) called Dubourg (Saint-Diи-des-Vosges 1758)

Dumont, Franзois(Lunйville 1751-1831 Paris)

Fьger, Heinrich Fiedrich(Heilbronn 1751-1818 Vienna)

Guillon, Charles Nicolas(Clairvaux 1756-?)

Hall, Pierre Adolphe(Boras1739-1793 Liиge)

Hйnard, Charles(Bourg-en-Bresse around 1757-after 1812 Paris?)

Hшyer, Cornelius(Hammermollen 1741-1804 Copenhagen)

Hшyer, Cornelius(Hammermollen 1741-1804 Copenhagen)

Keman, Georges Antoine(Schlettstadt 1765-1830 Schlettstadt)

Le Guay, Etienne Charles(1762 Sиvres - 1846 Paris)

Lemoine, Jacques Antoine Marie(Rouen 1751-1824 Paris)

Le Suire, Pierre-Andrй(Rouen 1742-after 1783)

Mosnier, Jean Laurent(Paris 1743/44-1808 St. Petersburg)

Mosnier, Jean Laurent(Paris 1743/44-1808 St. Petersburg)

Pйrin-Salbreux, Louis Liй(Reims 1753-1817 Reims)

Pйrin-Salbreux, Louis Liй(Reims 1753-1817 Reims)

Reuter, Wilhelm Christoph(Hildesheim 1768-1834 Berlin)

Sicard, called Sicardi, Louis Marie(1743 Avignon -1825 Paris)

Soyer, Jean Baptiste(Reims 1752-1828 Saint-Nicolas-du-Port)

Welper, Jean Daniel(Strasbourg around 1730-1789 Paris)

Welper, Jean Daniel(Strasbourg around 1730-1789 Paris)

Welper, Jean Daniel(Strasbourg around 1730-1789 Paris)

Marie Lesczyсska, Queen of France

Lady, possibly Victoria Luise, Princess of Bourbon ("Madame Victoire")

Oval portrait of a dark-haired lady dressed in the Italian fashion, watercolor on ivory, unsigned.

Augustin, Jean-Baptise, Jacques

Bornet, Claude(Paris 1733-1804)

Bouton, Joseph-Marie(Cadiz 1768-1823 Chartres)

Chamisso, Hippolyte de (1769-1824)

Chateaubourg, Charles-Joseph de la Celle, Chevalier de(Nantes 1758-1837 Nantes)

Chatillon, Charles

portrait of Marie Thérèse Charlotte de Bourbon gouache on ivory, signed "Chatain" circa 1825

Portrait of Marie Antionette in a green dress, goauche on ivory, signed “Chatain.” Backed with white kid leather and set in a simple ornamental oval frame with watch-crystal type pillowed/beveled glass. Very likely painted as a copy of another painting, as a souvenir.

c.1910. Signed. Luie Chadwick. Girl in green hat

d4cea341d956 (190x119, 12 Kb)


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