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Wilfred Glyndon May 18+


Topless Blonde Woman

Miss Mary Poole At Sheplagh Court

Nude Reclining On Beach

Laura Reading A Letter

Wilfred Glyndon May (1922-2007), Watercolour. Nude Girls in the Surf.  Signed lower right. Comes f

Two Nudes Removing Shoes


The Red Bow On Topless Woman's Straw Hat

Wilfred G. May, oil, reclining nude, unsigned, 12" x 14", and two others W.  G. MAY 1922 -. , (Wil

Wilfred G. May, pastel, female nude seated, signed, 11" x 12", and a  watercolour of a nude woman

Wilfred Glyndon May (1922 - 2007) A Pair, Nude Studies watercolours, 34cm x  27cm, 24cm x 19cm

Price guide for Wilfred G. May, watercolour beach scene with
Wilfred Glyndon May (1922-2007), Pastel, Nude woman in Mediterranean sun.  Pencilled verso, comesLot 116 - Wilfred Glyndon May (1922-2007) British
ORIGINAL WATERCOLOUR WILFRED Glendon May 1922-2007 Young Nude Woman -  £175.00 | PicClick UK

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