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Alessandro Turchi (1578 – 1649, Italian) 18+


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Saint Agnes Protected By An AngelSaint Agnes Protected By An Angel

Diana And ActaeonDiana And Actaeon

Venus And Dying AdonisVenus And Dying Adonis

Bacchus And AriadneBacchus And Ariadne

Death Of Anthony And CleopatraDeath Of Anthony And Cleopatra

Death Of CleopatraDeath Of Cleopatra

The Last Communion Of The MagdaleneThe Last Communion Of The Magdalene

St. Peter, Led By An Angel, Visits St. Agathe In Prison (after Veronese)St. Peter, Led By An Angel, Visits St. Agathe In Prison
(after Veronese)

Adam And Eve Crying Abel's DeathAdam And Eve Crying Abel’s Death

The Judgement Of ParisThe Judgement Of Paris

The Judgement Of Paris 2The Judgement Of Paris

The Abduction Of HelenThe Abduction Of Helen

Allegory Of CharityAllegory Of Charity

Cephalus And ProcrisCephalus And Procris

Erminia founds Tancredi WoundedErminia Founds Tancredi Wounded

Cupid Giving Proserpine's Box To PsycheCupid Giving Proserpine’s Box To Psyche

Philosophy, History And Prudence Awakening The Mind To A Desire For KnowledgePhilosophy, History And Prudence
Awakening The Mind To A Desire For Knowledge



The DelugeThe Deluge

The Deluge 2The Deluge

Hercules Slaying The Children Of MegaraHercules Slaying The Children Of Megara

Hercules Between Pleasure And WisdomHercules Between Pleasure And Wisdom

Venus And PuttiVenus And Putti

Adam And EveAdam And Eve

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