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Акварелист Maximilian Damico. Пейзажи.

Автор - Marginalisimus. Это цитата этого сообщения
Акварелист Maximilian Damico. Пейзажи.

Prague after rain


Winter Day in Prague


Prague Sunset


Dancing House.


Prague Roads

Prague Jewish


This morning in Prague

Barcelona Avenues.


Barcelona Squares II


Barcelona Streets


Venice Canals IV.


Venice Canals.


Venice twilight.


Venice Canals (3).


Venice Canals (2)


Venice Streets.


Canals in Venice.


From Venice with Love.j

Venice from Giudecca

Florence Neptune


Florence squares (2)

Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral (2)


Vienna Coches

Vienna Stations.

Amalfi Coast

A sky over Paris.


River bank Seine.




Boat on Danube


Spanish Steps


Sicilian Squares

Bosphorus Bridge


Istanbul Port.


Winter Amalfy Coast.


Lebanon Ports


Amalfy Coast


Preparing for Sail.

Ready to Sail.


Snow in Istanbul.


Steeple on Danube 2


Steeple on Danube.


Taranto Old Town.


Taranto Port.


Making ready the boats.


The Five Lands

Savona Sunset.

Amsterdam Canals


Austria Stations.


Italian corner market.


Manhattan Bridge


San Francisco Cross Street.

Sargent Venice Canal in watercolor.

Velazquez eggs fryer in watercolor




Madonna and Child Piazzetta in watercolor.


crowing van dyck.


The Milk Maid of Veermer in watercolor.


Manet Garden of Pere Lathuille in Watercolor
3455057_avatar_medium_square500 (500x500, 14Kb)
Работы акварелиста Maximilian Damico получили признание во всём мире, с успехом выставляются в галереях и выигрывают многочисленные награды:

2014 Awarded Symposium project Galerie an der Donau, in Poechlarn, Vienna- Austria

2013 Ecklenburg Gallery, DC Baltimore, NY: solo show 'Per me Esiste"

2012 ArtSawa Gallery, Dubai: solo show and performance "Border Spac3"

2011 Municipal Library of PRAGUE: solo show "BorderSpac3" 2011 Art Studio 64, in Malaga-Spain: solo show ''Along way to get.."

2010 Infantellina contemporary Gallery in BERLIN: international group"BBB"

2009 Wannieck Gallery in BRNO: international group "CrissCross"

2008 Theater Reduta in BRNO: solo "an ordinary Delirium"

2007 Brick Lane Gallery in LONDON: international group "Art in Mind"

2006 Monkdogz Urban Art Gallery in NEW YORK: international group "Foreplay"

2006 Library Bliss in BROOKLIN, NY: solo"Burning Paintings"

2006 Happening in the Metro of BARCELONA: performance "Artistic Terrorism-red explosion"

2006 Cincomonos Galeria in BARCELONA: international goup "Oido"

2005 Art Council of ROUEN (France): solo " Madame Quenel"

2005 Galleria San Severo al Pendino in NAPLES: group "Elementi a Confronto"




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